Faruk Saraç was born in Urfa, 1955. He opened his first boutique named “Butik Faruk” in “Opera Çarşısı” in Kadıköy. Since then he started his career as a diligent, hardworking and innovative fashion designer. He focused on the colour variations in menswear.In 1987, he had six boutiques, and continued his career as Faruk Saraç, his brand name.

Faruk Saraç, the first man fashion designer in Turkey has a wide portfolio of famous customers including artists, sportsmen, politicians, and businessmen. Saraç’s colouring of menswear made Faruk Saraç -and his designs- a well-known prestigious brand name not only in Turkey but throughout the world. Faruk Saraç, who introduced extraordinary colours to the men’s fashion in Turkey, introduced the concept of “Thematic Shows” to the world of fashion. His collection named “Sarı Zeybek” was released at the spectacular show held in the Muayede Hall at Dolmabahçe Palace on November 10, 1998, the 60th anniversary of the death of Atatürk. Atatürk -in his ever-stylish clothes that always represented his youth, his genius, his intelligence, and his fine taste- was back again in Dolmabahçe. The show that won great recognition repeated in Anıtkabir and all around Turkey. The Sarı Zeybek show was followed by the “Padişahın Esvabı” show to present the clothes of 36 Ottoman sultans and their families in 2000. Faruk Saraç crowned his 25-year career with Tılsım, the spectacular show with 99 models paraded on the platform in 2007, and then he focused more on transferring his knowhow and experience to the next generations.

His series of Thematic Shows continued with the “Geçmişten Günümüze Polis” and “Geçmişte Kapalı Çarşı” fashion shows. Saraç designed outfits for various public and private organizations and institutions such as Police Department (Geçmişten Günümüze Polis), Ministry of Health, IETT, Turkish Airlines, Ministry of Forestry, State Railways, and many others.

Faruk Saraç, who made fashion shows and was awarded over 150 plaques, won the fashion award of the year awarded by MGD 7 times. Along with his achievements in fashion, he founded his own fashion school. After a painstaking process, the renovation of the building named Fabrika-i Hümayun built in the 19th century in Bursa was completed, and Turkey’s first vocational school of design, “T.C. Faruk Saraç Tasarım Meslek Yüksek Okulu” was opened. Then, the building in Cankurtaran, Istanbul in the 18th century was renovated to serve as the campus of “Faruk Saraç Moda Akademisi”, and “T.C. Faruk Saraç Tasarım Meslek Yüksekokulu İstanbul Yerleşkesi”, and opened in 2013.

“The infinity is Man whose talents, desires, and capabilities have no limits. The wisdom is Man that questions, quests, explores, and attains…”